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Started by Admin 2018-05-10 at 10:07

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Posted 2018-05-10 at 10:07
Users and visitors, we just released Bitsvisit.com as before is Btc4bux.com. All earnings, referrals, withdrawal, deposit, password, and username are still safe, we just changed our system and changed our domain.

Earners, Referral comission just reduced to 10% but we give comission if your referral viewing sites and if purchasing advertising as before you just get comission if your referrals viewing sites.

We reduced the minimum withdrawal to 25000 satoshi (same as 0.00025 BTC) and added PAYEER, and FaucetHub Bitcoin as new payment option, we give an instant payment system to all FaucetHub users!

Advertisers, we added a new program to let all sites that advertised in our site is showing in new window, we implement this to let advertisers can promote both sites with framebreaker and sites without it as well.

For all your purchased ads in Btc4bux.com, for all advertisers that having more than 500 PTC Credits, it's refunded to your Advertising balance with value about 4 satoshis per PTC Credit.

Here we go, hope you all happy with our new updates. Thank you.

James. T